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Date de début: 2019-01-23 01:30:00 Date de fin: 2019-01-30 02:30:00

ART Impact


Saison 1

6. Indigenous Contemporary Art

Jeudi à 17h et 23h30

Contemporary Native art has a lot to say and may look different than you would expect! The artworks and artists are increasingly featured in the mass media in a constructive way and we explore some of their fascinating truths. To begin, we clarify some of the most common questions around Indigenous Contemporary Art with Lindsay Nixon, Editor-at-large of the Canadian Art Magazine. Discovering the various types of Indigenous people, artists and cultures can be a real feat. It is fascinating to explore the similarities and differences between Canadian Contemporary artists. We had the chance to meet filmmaker and visual artist Caroline Monnet, who explains her own identity struggles and how it is reflected in her artwork, presented during the Biennale autochnone d’art contemporain, aka BACA. At one of their venues, The Guild, we sat with Rhéal Lanthier, founder of the BACA exhibition.

Invité(es) : Caroline Monnet, Filmmaker & Visual Artist Rheal Olivier Lanthier, Founder and director of the BACA Lindsay Nixon, Editor-at-Large at Canadian Art Magazine

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