My Curious City

Date de début: 2020-02-02 05:00:00 Date de fin: 2022-02-02 05:00:00

My Curious City


Saison 4

1. Transportation

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This week at My Curious City, our theme is TRANSPORTATION. Our collaborators make us discover car-sharing services like Netlift , Car2go and Communauto and electric scooters Lime and Bird. They tell us about the marinas in Greater Montreal and fun facts about the Montreal Metro and the YUL airport. In studio, we have Nancy Pereira, a Limousine driver and a musical performance with Hawa.

Invité(es) : Nancy Pereira, Limousine driver and President at JP Limousine Musical performance - Hawa Volunteer collaborators Robert Tyler Wood, Specialized Animator, Centre d’histoire de Montréal LLHost –Ron Moss Reporter –Pascale Jacob Collaborators – Nathalie Adams, Rusual Al-Shawkat, Nick Chrysanthakopoulos, Jorge Figueroa, Aurore Liang, Karina Thevenin

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Produced by the members of the MY Volunteering program, My Curious City presents different themes connected to the Montreal cosmopolitan life. Through reports, columns and interviews, the team of My Curious City highlights places, companies, events and individual Montreal citizens, around a weekly theme. Invited artists add a musical touch every week with live performances recorded in the studio.