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Real people. Candid conversations. Extraordinary stories. Montrealers focuses on the art of conversation, creating an environment of open dialogue for both the interviewee and the interviewer. With characters from an array of backgrounds, including Greek, Indian, Brazilian, Japanese, Egyptian, Iranian, and French, Montrealers is an all-inclusive show that gives all voices meaning. In this intimate interview series, the most inspiring stories can be found in the lives of everyday people. Leah Balass sits down with Montreal’s most colorful personalities to uncover their captivating life stories and to celebrate the various cultures which make this city unique. Each episode features personal stories on immigration, love, identity, struggle, culture and tradition.


Leah Balass

Leah Balass

Leah Balass studied journalism in Montréal. Upon graduation, she completed a 10-month internship/work program for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Thrown into the do-it-all role of a video-journalist, her mandate to capture local news stories across the province gave her the opportunity to direct, shoot and write video stories each day. Leah’s strength lies in unfolding the humanity in the subjects she interviews, while her deep understanding and respect for diverse cultures allows her to naturally relate to people from all walks of life.

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