Cooking Adventures Outaouais

Date de début: 2021-06-08 04:00:00 Date de fin: 2021-06-22 04:00:00

Cooking Adventures Outaouais


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8. Chicken Shawarma & Garlic Sauce

Mat Beausoleil is joined by Chicco Khalifé, Owner of Chicco Shawarma & Pizza, as they discuss his culinary journey and passion for business in the Outaouais while preparing a traditional Chicken Shawarma and Garlic Sauce recipe.

Invité(es) : Chicco Khalifé

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Cooking Adventures Outaouais is an English language cooking show that presents food preparation from skilled Cooks and Chefs that call the Outaouais their home. It features restaurant quality recipes, as well as family recipes, prepared for our viewers. From the ingredients to the finished dish, and the story behind the dish, Mat always says that a meal is more than just food, a meal nourishes both the body and soul. Cooking Adventures Outaouais truly highlights our region’s culinary and cultural diversity.

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Mat Beausoleil

Mat Beausoleil

Host and content producer

Mat is a skilled cook, gourmet and gourmand. He was shortlisted for the first three seasons of MasterChef Canada, won the Food Network Canada’s Finish Cook Like a Top Chef Contest, judged and critiqued on Gordon Ramsay's The F Word on FOX in Hollywood, California, and appeared on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. He also wrote, hosted and produced his own TV show «Takin a Bite – Ottawa». His passion for cooking and refined palate have taken him around the globe to experience local delicacies, trying just about everything. Follow him on Instagram! instagram.com/matbeausoleil

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