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0. Reconciliation Update

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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about reconciliation with aboriginal communities. Errors of the past have been acknowledged along with present-day discrimination. But is anything happening beyond talk? Many in aboriginal communities say there is little progress despite all the good words being spoken by our politicians. We speak with people in those communities, along with the woman that Montreal has put in charge of bridging the gap with aboriginal communities.

Invité(es) : Nakuset, Executive Director, Native Women's Shelter of Montreal Ethan Cox, Ricochet Media Marie-Ève Bordeleau, Montreal's Commissioner of Indigenous Affairs Vicky Boldo, Co-Chair of the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network

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CityLife examines issues that affect all anglo Montrealers in an engaging and accessible way. Host Richard Dagenais and his team delve into politics, public transit, roadwork, the environment, the economy, immigration, social issues, culture and much more. Each CityLife show zeroes in on a particular subject or issue unfolding in Montréal, often with original approaches and creative coverage of local stories you may not find anywhere else.

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Richard Dagenais

Richard Dagenais


Richard Dagenais was born, raised, educated and, continues to be employed, in Montréal. Twice nominated for ACTRA National Radio Awards, he works in Montréal television and radio as a host, anchor, reporter and writer. He is a singer, songwriter, and musician who has performed the anthems for the Expos and Alouettes. He's married with one son and two nutty dogs. He enjoys sports but hates going to the gym; he goes, but he hates it! He's got a blog and he tweets, too!

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