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Montréal, January 24, 2018 – MAtv, the citizen channel with the unwavering focus on the community, continues to spotlight local concerns with the return of CityLife, hosted by Richard Dagenais, on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.


Inform, engage, empower!

CityLife is back this winter to continue digging, questioning and providing accessible coverage of the issues that affect Montrealers every day. Dagenais looks at areas such as governance, the roads, public transit, the environment, the economy, immigration, social issues, culture and more. CityLife follows the neighbourhood news that viewers care about but the networks ignore. It keeps tabs on what’s happening around town with columnists on the municipal beat, reports and guests who are making news. 

CityLife Winter 2018

On his brand new set, Richard Dagenais examines issues affecting Anglo Montrealers. We look at hunting on the West Island. Many don't realize that hunting is actually allowed in some areas on the island, and that poachers are getting dangerously close to some residential areas. Plus we look at how well our schools are preparing our kids to get jobs, or go on to higher education. And many Montrealers are frustrated by all the road construction, detours and closures. So why aren't officials making it easier for commuters to take public transportation? ALSO: We speak with Montrealers who are making a difference in the community, including Corey Fleisher who has made it his business to remove hate graffiti from public spaces. Plus we speak to a man who may have one of the best jobs in town. Frederic Serre gets paid to make fun of the crazy things that happen in Montreal as a political cartoonist for The Gazette.


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MAtv, an exclusive service for Videotron customers, serves the community by reflecting Québec's diversity. It gives all citizens access to a vehicle of free expression and outreach that promotes public participation. MAtv carries useful, informative and educational programming that focuses on topics of local interest and supports the emergence of new talent. It reflects realities of concern to the community of 1.6 million households it serves across Quebec. MAtv is broadcast on channel 9 and in HD on channel 609. It is also available on illico TV (channel 900), on the Web (, on iPad and Android tablets (through the app) and on illico mobile. Follow our MAtv communities on social media as Facebook and Instagram.


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