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The Checklist is a ten-part docuseries showcasing activities one should do in Montreal before dying. Follow your host Kim Sullivan, a strong believer in the idea that it is never too early to check items off your life's to-do list, as she brings you along on quirky adventures in and around the Island of Montreal. After a social media call-out asked Montrealers to submit their own bucket list ideas, eighteen individuals were selected to participate in the show, accomplishing their dream activity alongside our host. Not only do we discover what this city has to offer in an astonishing way, we see Montreal through completely new eyes - those of a dreamer! At the end of the day, the participants are proud to say that they have CHECKED that item off their checklist!


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Programmation de la semaine

This week is definitely an adrenaline rush – something that is quite common on one’s bucket list. Kim Sullivan joins two dreamers in attempting two Montreal activities with a very different kind of adrenaline rush. Imagine stepping off a 15-storey building with only rope to hold on to and imagine attempting to fly a Boeing 737 over different cities of the world. One is real, one is simulated, but both are amazing and will definitely get your heart pumping!

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  • Dimanche 24 septembre 2017 20:30

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