Share who we are

Date de début: 2020-02-10 05:00:00 Date de fin: 2022-02-11 05:00:00

Share who we are


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8. Tom-Eliot Girard

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My name is Tom-Eliot Girard, I am 19 years old. I couldn't exactly tell you who I am, because it always changes, it evolves. I am someone who likes to talk about things that are considered a little tabooer. It often comes up about tolerance. As much on the side of sexual orientation, as of a different cultural context.

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IT IS DIFFICULT TO OPEN TO SOMEONE ELSE ... ESPECIALLY TO A CAMERA. IS IT EASIER TO OPEN TO OURSELVES? Alone in front of a mirror. A face, unique features, wrinkles, freckles, scars, traces of age, everything that makes a person unique. It’s easy to describe yourself physically. However, when the time comes to talk about us, our interests, what drives us and defines us inside, it gets more complex. In full introspection, the mirror can then become a window to the world, a possibility to express oneself without embarrassment, without limits. This mirror is MAtv.

Share Who We Are




Montréal, Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – MAtv, Videotron’s community channel, today launches its “Share Who We Are” brand manifesto. The new campaign highlights MAtv’s engagement with the community and society by spotlighting human authenticity.

The concept and narrative line foreground the differences that unite us. MAtv presents real people and their true stories. MAtv's relevance and strength lie in its ability to show the realities in our communities and celebrate our differences.

“We felt it was important to turn the lens on citizens who are engaged in their own way in their communities,” says Steve Desgagné, Senior Director, MAtv. “This is what makes MAtv unique: people who share their experiences with others, who speak freely and get involved. As a hyperlocal channel, we are part of the cultural landscape of each of the regions we serve. We stand out by getting involved with citizens on the ground.”

“Videotron has always been present and deeply rooted in communities across Québec,” says Jean-François Pruneau, President and CEO of Videotron. “MAtv is a reflection of the importance we attach to social and community engagement.”

Members of the public can participate by submitting program ideas or volunteering. For details, go to: MAtv.ca/participate