My Curious City aims to entertain and give some tips to Montrealers about the surprising jewels of their very own city. Personalities, places, sports, trades and even laws make the cut in a style best described as relaxed and informative.

Programmation de la semaine

This week at My Curious City our theme is Science and Technologies. We visit Rodeo X, a special effect company and we discover space and medical technologies here in Montreal. In studio, our guest, Erik Huang , a Concordia Mechanical Engineering Student and our musical performance: Legacy

Diffusion :

  • Dimanche 24 juin 2018 10:00
  • Dimanche 24 juin 2018 17:30

This week, the theme of the show is MADE IN MONTREAL. We visit Atelier Armenti, designers and makers of wood furnitures. We discuss movies made in Montreal, particularly those filmed at MEL’S Studio. Also we present a short history of inventions from Montreal, as well as many applications from and for Montrealers. Designer Jean-Sebastien from Suitablee is our guest in the studio and Ariana Ianniciello is the musical performer.

Diffusion :

  • Mardi 26 juin 2018 10:00
  • Mardi 26 juin 2018 19:00
  • Mercredi 27 juin 2018 01:00
  • Jeudi 28 juin 2018 04:00
  • Jeudi 28 juin 2018 11:00
  • Vendredi 29 juin 2018 01:00

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