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Hosted by Kim Sullivan, Montreal Billboard is a talk show that shines a spotlight on Montrealers who are inspirational, positively engaged and active in the community. Montreal Billboard acts as a platform for thousands people, organizations and enterprises that serve Montrealers every day. That includes crisis centres, help lines, food banks, community groups, consumer groups, as well as organizations that provide support in finding employment, education, and financial planning. Montreal Billboard: Serving Montrealers across the island.

Programmation de la semaine

This week, we learn about a local organization sending young Montrealers around the world for their own business, music, arts and cultural projects – all with the goal of bringing what they learn back to Quebec. Our citizen reporter takes us on a tour of Mario Lemieux's favourite places in Ville Émard (we even meet his barber). We discover a collaborative art project about inspiring women and what a human library is.  Plus, we learn about a non-profit creating virtual reality experiences for kids stuck in hospital beds (including one underwater adventure that has them controlling the game with their eyes!). 

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  • Mardi 28 mars 2017 18:00
  • Mardi 28 mars 2017 22:30
  • Mercredi 29 mars 2017 00:30
  • Mercredi 29 mars 2017 05:30
  • Mercredi 29 mars 2017 11:30

Coming up on Montreal Billboard, we visit an organization that manages two apartment buildings for formerly homeless men and women. Our volunteer shows us what it's like to train rescue dogs to become therapy dogs with Les Chiens Togo. We learn about an organization fighting anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Plus, we find out about zero-waste grocery stores in Montreal.

Diffusion :

  • Jeudi 30 mars 2017 18:00
  • Jeudi 30 mars 2017 22:30
  • Vendredi 31 mars 2017 00:30
  • Vendredi 31 mars 2017 05:30
  • Vendredi 31 mars 2017 11:30
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