Hosted by Richard Dagenais, Montreal Billboard is a talk show that shines a spotlight on Montrealers who are inspirational, positive and active in the community. Like its French counterpart, Montréalité, Montreal Billboard acts as a platform for the thousands of organizations that serve Montrealers every day. That includes crisis centres, help lines, food banks, community groups, consumer groups, as well as organizations that provide support in finding employment, education, and financial planning.

Montreal Billboard: Serving Montrealers across the island.

Two shows are recorded each week.

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Programmation de la semaine

The Cummings Centre is a community organization that provides services and programs to individuals 50 years of age and over. We talk to organizers about how they help 10,000 people in the West end. Plus, we look at Gender Creative Kids -- a support group for parents of transgendered children. And we find out how the ASAQ helps promote the practice of blind sports and sensitize the public and authorities about their potential.

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  • Jeudi 30 juin 2016 19:00
  • Vendredi 1 juillet 2016 01:00
  • Samedi 2 juillet 2016 08:30
  • Dimanche 3 juillet 2016 03:00

The Côte-des-Neiges Black Community Association offers a wide range of services to help strengthen families in that borough as well as serving people from grade school to senior citizens. Plus Little Brothers helps seniors who suffer from isolation. We find out how they pair seniors with companions and have offices to serve people right across the province, including a new location on the West Island. And we talk with CKUT, McGill's community radio station that has grown to serve all Montrealers with information and music you can't hear anywhere else.

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  • Samedi 2 juillet 2016 08:00
  • Dimanche 3 juillet 2016 02:30

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. But that's when the Hope and Cope Wellness Centre become so important. We speak with them about how they help people through every stage -- from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. Plus Girl Geeks is a worldwide movement that helps women get involved, and stay involved, in the world of hi-tech. We speak with one of the founders of the Montreal chapter about what they do here. And Montreal has one of the most active Roller Derby programs in North America, with three active teams. We talk to organizers about why the sport is so popular here.

Diffusion :

  • Lundi 4 juillet 2016 13:00
  • Lundi 4 juillet 2016 15:30
  • Lundi 4 juillet 2016 19:00
  • Mardi 5 juillet 2016 01:00
  • Mardi 5 juillet 2016 08:30
  • Mercredi 6 juillet 2016 13:00
  • Mercredi 6 juillet 2016 19:00

Option Consommateurs has been helping Quebec consumers evaluate products and avoid lemons for years. We talk to them about their latest projects, and our latest consumer problems. Plus S-au-S Autism helps kids with the disorder to socialize through a whole range of programs including dance, music, soccer, free play and free swim. And we look at how a small town theatre has attracted some big-time talent, as we talk to the people behind the Hudson Village Theatre.

Diffusion :

  • Mardi 5 juillet 2016 13:00
  • Mardi 5 juillet 2016 15:30
  • Mardi 5 juillet 2016 19:00
  • Mercredi 6 juillet 2016 01:00
  • Mercredi 6 juillet 2016 08:30
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