Hosted by Richard Dagenais, Montreal Billboard is a talk show that shines a spotlight on Montrealers who are inspirational, positive and active in the community. Like its French counterpart, Montréalité, Montreal Billboard acts as a platform for the thousands of organizations that serve Montrealers every day. That includes crisis centres, help lines, food banks, community groups, consumer groups, as well as organizations that provide support in finding employment, education, and financial planning.

Montreal Billboard: Serving Montrealers across the island.

Two shows are recorded each week.

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Programmation de la semaine

Animatch is an animal rescue group with a difference. They take dogs and accommodate them while they look for new families to adopt them. Plus we find out how the Music Therapy Trust Fund is trying to expand the reach of this innovative therapy. And we speak with the founder of the Family Resource Centre in Pierrefonds. We find out how they help kids who have ADD, or who are facing other social or educational challenges.

Diffusion :

  • Mercredi 27 juillet 2016 19:00
  • Jeudi 28 juillet 2016 01:00
  • Samedi 30 juillet 2016 08:00
  • Dimanche 31 juillet 2016 02:30

We look at how the Y continues to build stronger communities by helping people adopt healthy lifestyle habits, after being in Quebec for more than a century and a half. Plus we talk to the woman in charge of Quebec's home for rescued chimpanzees. The Fauna Foundation has been welcoming rescued animals from across Canada for two decades. And we look at how The Heart of the City Piano Program (HCPP) strives to enhance the lives of and learning opportunities for at-risk youth through musical education.

Diffusion :

  • Jeudi 28 juillet 2016 13:00
  • Jeudi 28 juillet 2016 19:00
  • Vendredi 29 juillet 2016 01:00
  • Samedi 30 juillet 2016 08:30
  • Dimanche 31 juillet 2016 03:00

The Missing Children's Network has helped police recover more than a thousand children over the last 30 years. We find out how they try to keep children safe, and what changes they've made for the digital age. Plus, the Fraser-Hickson Institute operated a library for a century until it shut down seven years ago. Since then, they've continued to serve Montrealers through a series of projects including stocking more than a dozen mini-libraries. Plus we find out how the Montreal West-End Operatic Society is expanding both it's repertoire and reach while staying close to its Gilbert and Sullivan roots.

Diffusion :

  • Lundi 1 août 2016 13:00
  • Lundi 1 août 2016 15:30
  • Lundi 1 août 2016 19:00
  • Mardi 2 août 2016 01:00
  • Mardi 2 août 2016 08:30

Scouts Canada has been a leading youth organization across the country for more than 100 years. We talk about how they continue to offer a world of adventure and outdoor experience to youth as well as how things have changed over the years. Plus Seeds of Change empowers McGill's worldwide network of alumni and friends to support student-driven projects. And Expos Nation is an online resource and interactive destination for fans seeking to bring the Expos back to Montreal.

Diffusion :

  • Mardi 2 août 2016 13:00
  • Mardi 2 août 2016 15:30
  • Mardi 2 août 2016 19:00
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