Hosted by Richard Dagenais, Montreal Billboard is a talk show that shines a spotlight on Montrealers who are inspirational, positive and active in the community. Like its French counterpart, Montréalité, Montreal Billboard acts as a platform for the thousands of organizations that serve Montrealers every day. That includes crisis centres, help lines, food banks, community groups, consumer groups, as well as organizations that provide support in finding employment, education, and financial planning.

Montreal Billboard: Serving Montrealers across the island.

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The Salvation Army is well-known for helping people in need. But what may not be so well know is the extent of the services it provides. We talk to the head of the Quebec branch about some of its programs -- from helping immigrants to providing inexpensive residences for seniors. Plus the OFC aims to help Black businesses by encouraging community members to invest in their own shops and services. Plus they aim to help instill pride in Black youth by providing them with a broader history of Black culture than the one provided in schools. And the Quebec Writers Federation tells us about their wide range of services supporting anglo Quebec writers, as well as their new Hire-A-Writer program.

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Like all areas of the city, many in the West Island need a helping hand at one time or another. That's where West Shares comes in. They make sure that help is available right in the West Island by raising funds for charities that offer vital services and programs. Plus Hockey Education Reaching Out Society (Hockey HEROS) is a volunteer-driven charity that uses the game to teach life-skills and empower Canada’s marginalized youth. HEROS’mentors guide participants to become constructive citizens within their communities. And the Montreal Children's Choir provides musical education to any interested child in Montreal. Their work focuses on classical music, but also includes folk, gospel and contemporary music.

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Helping those with mental health issues. We speak with Project PAL about how they get people involved with their own treatment, housing and social events - even to the extent of lobbying the government on issues important to them. Plus Ricochet Media puts a new spin on newsmedia. We talk to them about how they manage to produce news independent of big business and big sponsors. And we talk to the people behind Nunalijjuaq, a project that is trying to track Inuit who move to Montreal and other large cities.

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For almost a quarter century, the Starlight Children’s Foundation has been transforming the lives of Canadian children with serious illnesses. They are there for the entire journey—from the emergency room to recovery. Plus Renaissance is a non-profit organization that helps people who are having difficulty entering the workforce. And Ambaa Yoga is a not-for-profit yoga and wellness centre now called Fondation Ambaa. Their mission is to provide natural health care services to people of all types while fostering a community spirit.

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