Sugar and spice makes everything nice! That's what this episode is all about -- in human form and in food form! 
When we heard Annabelle's story of working in a steel mill all day in steel toe boots, overhalls and a hard hat, we understood why feeling like a bombshell was on her bucket list. Day by day, she is one of the guys... For one day, she wants to not only be made-over, but be part of a glamour photoshoot. 
Pin up
We thought pin up was the perfect solution! Marissa Prisella was the perfect photographer for us! With her team at Glamour MTL, we had a BLAST! 
You walk into this apartment that definitely has the feeling of your mom's closet -- especially if your mother loved high heels, boas, babydolls and corsets! All colours, all sizes!
Makeup and hair are done on location and then we choose our backgrounds -- I go for Candyland Pink and Annabelle goes for Zombie Apocalypse! Oh ya, she is a tough pin up! She even brought her boxing gloves! I was a lot more into the baby blues and soft pinks -- but let me say that being on TV at the same time, shooting in front of your male crew, you definitely pick less intimidating outfits :) 
SNAP SNAP SNAP! A fun shoot it was! The final result -- watch and see!
** UPDATE: Annabelle was in a serious motorcycle accident in May. We wish her all a speedy recovery. Send positive vibes her way so that she can be back to her pin up self soon enough!
When we first received this bucket list request, we thought that it was odd. High Tea at the Queen Elizabeth is quite accessible to all and not too expensive. Can we turn this into an interesting episode? We decided to meet dreamer Sandra for an interview and that is where we knew that we just had to bring her to the Queen E!
Sandra told us her story; how her friends and her LOVE everything British. She told us how her mom, who died of cancer three years ago, romantisized the Queen Elizabeth and did not have the funds to go. How she volunteered for a Montreal event that saw her greet people at the Queen Elizabeth hotel, but never actually went in for tea. She knew all the tea lingo and said that her friends and her just love meeting up for tea. Since she is a student and pays for her books, there is no extra for high tea at the QueeN E!
Queen Elisabeth
Well, not only were we going for high tea, we were going to do it fashionably! I told Sandra and her friends to meet us at a downtown park, where two Silverstar Mercedes-Benz awaited to bring the ladies to Ophelie Hats on St-Laurent -- we were all getting fascinators! Oh the fun!
Queen Elisabeth 2
Despite traffic and being so late, we arrived at the Queen Elizabeth ready for our champagne, scones, cucumber sandwiches, macaroons and tea! The service was incredible and experience, quite unique! We were greeted like queens and served so beautifully by the restaurant staff and our super Maître D! What I got to taste (producer Norm stole my macaroon haha) was DELICIOUS! The ladies definitely had a blast and I must say that I cannot wait to go again! 
** UPDATE: The Queen Elizabeth is closing on June 19th for 1 year of major transformation! Make sure to get your high tea in before that, if you can!

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